eleven interiors studio
Residential Complex Tetris Hall
eleven interiors studio
Residential Complex Tetris Hall
Designer Maria Diachuk
Designer Valeriya Kovalchuk
Designer Valeriya Prohorova
3d artist Vikusya
146 m²
Suburban Kyiv, Gran Montaña
Here we transformed a developer's vision into reality with our signature design showcase. Our approach seamlessly blended contemporary aesthetics with the serene charm of the suburban backdrop. Every element was meticulously crafted to exemplify modern living while respecting the natural tranquility of its location.
The same apartment can be designed differently for each client. In this case, the priority was to create a cosy and welcoming space in the hall, which is connected to the kitchen. The block of guest bathroom, hall cupboards and kitchen is lined with wooden panels that unite the zones and hide the complex but ergonomic layout.
Light shades, natural natural textures of marble, wood and brass make the interior solemn and spacious at the same time.
The panoramic view of Kyiv is one of the main decorations of this apartment
When designing the bedrooms, the main aim was to leave as much space as possible. This is why all the storage space in the apartment is fitted and hidden.

The additional bedroom is finished in neutral tones. The headboard can accommodate a double bed or two single beds.
Вся корпусная мебель разработана студией Eleven Interiors.
Small bathrooms are visually enlarged with mirrors, glossy surfaces and concealed lighting. There is also hidden storage throughout.
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