eleven interiors studio
Tetris Hall
eleven interiors studio
Tetris Hall
Designer Maria Diachuk
Photographer Alexander Kondriyanenko
78 m²
Kyiv, Tetris Hall
The apartment interior was designed for a single male. The goal was to utilize organic materials and highlight the stunning downtown vista.
In this apartment, the bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room were given priority as a separate area. The laundry area, dressing room, and kitchen all have wood paneling, which unifies the space and conceals the intricate yet ergonomic design.
The stunning view of Kiev is a key feature of this apartment's decor.
The rich colors and textures of marble, wood, and stone create a refined yet comfortable atmosphere inside.
When creating the bedroom, the top priority was maximizing space. As a result, a separate room was designated for storage.

The hidden lighting effectively highlights the texture of the stone surfaces in the bathroom. Additionally, the room has hidden storage.
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